What people are saying…


Thank you so much!! We had a perfect day. Everyone keeps telling us what a wonderful time they had and how great the music was. We couldn’t be happier with the selection of music, and how much everyone danced. The night flew by and we really did dance all night!! So many people told us how great you were and we count’ agree more!! Thank you so much, see you soon.



Thanks for making the party so much fun! Dan really read the crowd and did a great job encouraging people to participate. I’ve received so much great feedback about how much fun everyone had. It was exactly what I had envisioned for my 40th – thanks for making it happen!



Thank you Dan for making Anna’s bat mitzvah a huge success! Dan is calm and works brilliantly under pressure. Anna said it was the best night of her life. Kevin and I think Dan has a masterful way of managing the craziness of a party. BRAVO!!! We give Dan a rave review.



It was a fantastic evening and THANK YOU Dan, for bringing the awesome as you always do! LOL!! Throngs begging for “One More Song!” doesn’t surprise me in the least. See you next time!



I had DJ Dan emcee my wedding after seeing him for years do Karaoke Night. I figured, “he’s awesome doing karaoke, let’s go with what I know.”

I had NO IDEA that he’d be the most adept, fluid, engaging, masterful wedding guru! (And I had no idea that he had been doing weddings so often that he even has a license to be an officiant. 🙂 )

To start, DJ Dan is a testament to the difference between getting a FLAWLESSLY GREAT and experienced DJ who knows his craft…vs getting a good DJ. My mom had told me when I was planning my wedding that the entertainment “makes or breaks the wedding.” And she was right. My entertainment made my wedding the best night of my life.

Dan met with us weeks before the wedding and asked a bunch of questions about things I had never even thought of, and even the slightest weird request was taken note of (“can we have the law and order sound effect before every toast?” Yep, he did it!)

At the end of the meeting, my fiancee said, “You know what? I was stressed about everything…until today. I just feel like Dan can take care of any curve ball.” That peace of mind alone was worth its weight in gold.

Dan called the band before the wedding and coordinated every last detail with them. He accommodated every last weird song request, and had this innate ability to know exactly what to play to keep the crowd on their feet! It was amazing, and perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ/emcee.

Here’s the thing. Other places I talked to tried to convinced me I needed a separate DJ, a separate emcee, and a separate singer. Dan did all 3. And on top of everything? The whole booking process could not have been more seamless or pleasant. Quick to respond. Eager to please. Just wonderful beyond the telling of it.



Dan Kingman was our DJ and he did everything perfectly. I understand what that must sound like reading it here but hear me out.

Here are some specific examples of how Dan went the extra mile for us…

1) We planned our wedding from California (since that’s we’ve lived for over the last few years) and he worked with our schedule when it came to song selections and day of planning (even with the time zone difference).

2) Dan took the time to meet me in NYC when I was visiting the east coast about 6 months before the wedding just to get to know me and Ellie, how we met, our music styles, and what we envisioned our wedding would be like. We didn’t even know exactly what it was going to be like but he really helped set a great scene for us with how the guests would be expecting the evening to go and what we wanted in terms of the flow of cocktail hour, entrances, first dance, dinner music, and the heavier dancing portion of the evening.

3) We provided song lists a few weeks before the wedding and Dan made sure he had the versions we talked about. There was nothing too hard to find (provided spotify and youtube links to be safe) and he was able to combine me and Ellie’s musical tastes extremely well (she’s more 90s hip hop and oldies, i’m more classic rock and EDM). Yes, he did a great job mixing all of those genres.

4) We met up a week before the wedding (Dan actually came and met us after we had a meeting with our photographer) to go through all of the details and made us feel extremely comfortable after sharing his experiences with how the wedding should progress (start off slow, get the tempo going, and then don’t bring it down once its up!). He assured us that it was going to be a great time and we really believed he’d deliver.

As bride and groom we really didn’t have a whole lot of time to speak with the DJ on the day of but Dan made sure that he had all the pronunciations of our parties’ names down during the entrance, seamlessly faded all of the music so there were so abrupt stops or silence (my biggest pet peeve), knew our first dance song and made sure we had heard the very beginning since we needed to know exactly when it started for our first dance (which was choreographed), and even played an acoustic version of Miracle by Above & Beyond (since I mentioned them as my favorite music group). Best of all the music was at the right level all night so people weren’t shouting at each other if they were having a conversation 3 feet from each other and he never spoke unless he needed to but when he did was very articulate.

Dan’s got a great personality, read the room really well (180 guests, mostly 30-somethings, but even got some of the 50-somethings on the dance floor), and was an excellent DJ. We were extremely impressed with Dan’s professionalism, talent, and ease of working with and are confident he’d do a great job at any event.



DJ DAN is the MAN! He is so cool & very accommodating! He made our son’s 9th Birthday party soooo awesome!!…DJ Dan is very approachable, took all the kiddies’ song requests & all songs from our playlist played!!! Great DJ, great party!!! Love DJ Dan! Til our next event!!!



Dan Kingman MC/DJ’d our daughter’s bat mitzvah party recently. We had him for our older child’s bat mitzvah party a few years ago and we were thrilled to be able to have him again. He did not disappoint!

Dan is a superb DJ and an MC. He has a real knack for reading the room and playing whatever music that would please those who are on the floor dancing. He is great at engaging the teens and can keep the party flowing without being intrusive or coercive. Best of all, he is great about keeping the volume of music that keeps the dance party energetic while allowing others to converse.


Fall 2014

DJ Dan was fantastic! He spoke to my husband and I prior to the ceremony not once but twice so we could chat about the music we wanted played and how the night would flow. He was open to having music sent to him so he could incorporate special songs into the evening. Most importantly he kept everyone dancing all night long. I would highly recommend as he’s incredibly professional and easy to work with!



DJ Dan was excellent. He responded to emails promptly and made sure that we had the music that we wanted for our wedding. He was easygoing and flexible and had our guests on the dance floor all night dancing to our favorite tunes. I would highly recommend him for your wedding day!!



Dan Kingman was our DJ. I highly, highly recommend them. My wife and I are very detail oriented, and had a lot of ideas about how we wanted each piece of the wedding to play out….Dan worked with us every step of the way. We wanted to use nice oldies background music for the cocktail hour and Dan accommodated. We had a song play when I came out for the bedeken, and it came on at just the right time. We had several songs in the processional set to play for different family members and again Dan navigated that seamlessly, which really added to the vibe of the entire ceremony. During the reception he played our first song right on cue as well. Dan’s real talents came out during the reception. We gave him a must-play list about 12 songs long, together with Israeli music off of a jump drive. He played everything we requested and gave him but also used that information to weave in other music he thought we would like, and we did love all of it. He was a master at reading the crowd and knowing when to keep the volume on a little lower and when to blast the sound. He kept people dancing all night and every time the music shifted, people had a smile on their face that basically said “oh wow, this is a great song to play right now.” That really was the ultimate test for me – the fact that people were up on their feet through the evening and our Rabbi yelled “one more song” at the end, which of course Dan obliged even though we had already gone over the official ending time by a few minutes. Dan was also a genuinely nice, chatty guy who was ready to accommodate any changes to our plans or to toss in something new on the fly.



Booked our wedding at a very elegant and highly restrictive venue in Manhattan.  Dan Kingman was our DJ/MC and be was absolutely fantastic.  DJ Dan was extremely friendly and very professional.  Dan stayed up past 2am the night before our wedding helping us choose the final song on our recessional music list.  He masterfully MC’d our dinner and provided us with the most amazing screen to display our slideshow.  Dan’s impeccable taste in music and his extensive experience in the DJ industry made working with him such a pleasure.  His suggestions for music were right on the money.



Dan Kingman is the greatest deejay! Everyone at our wedding raved about how fantastic the music was. He knew just how to get people on the dance floor, and was really good about playing songs we requested. He is fun, warm, easy to worth with, and can really read a crowd and know what kind of music they will like. We couldn’t have been happier!



DJ Dan did an amazing job at our wedding reception. He promised us when we first met him that he only plays full songs and doesn’t talk unless introducing the wedding party which was important to us. He created the perfect playlist for our wedding based on minimal suggestions from us. We gave him a list and he organized it in a way that kept everyone dancing all night long! He played everything we asked and also honored our do not play list, to the point that he pulled me aside to let me know people were requesting one of my do not play songs and did I want him to play it or not! We cannot say enough good things about him and hope all of our friends use him so we can see him again!



Dan Kingman is a terrific DJ. We used him for a bar mitzvah. His music selection met the needs of adults and kids alike. He is calm and easy to work with. He went out of his way to come over and meet with us beforehand and get our musical preferences and again to pick up a DVD we’d made. He plays music so that you have to ask him to turn it up, but never so loud that you can’t have a conversation (at least in our setting). The kids had a terrific time.



DJ Dan Kingman was the karaoke DJ…. and was absolutely fantastic.  I can’t imagine the evening being any better than it was.  He’s super nice and professional and knows how to read a room like nobody’s business.  He made sure he knew what we wanted and everything went smoothly.



We hired Dan Kingman as a karaoke host….. as part of our Engagement Party and it was hands down the best karaoke ever! Dan was very engaging, got the crowd involved, and sang background music when appropriate.  The song books covered all genres and we sang everything from Cee Lo to Sam Cooke to The Beatles.  The bar we picked had nothing for karaoke and Dan came with everything you would need- 4 mics, large tv, and great sound. If you are looking for fun, you need to book Dan!  My family is already looking for reasons to hire him again.